My Videos

Here are a few videos of me playing bass. I wanted to get them up here quickly so they’re by no means perfect, but they should give you an idea of my different playing styles. Enjoy!

“Speedbump Spaceship”

“The Ultraglide”

“Butterscotch Funk”

11 responses

19 02 2010
Linda Wells

WOW! Fantastic! Really great sounds! 🙂

19 02 2010
Paula Perfilio

Hi Molly,

I’m an old friend of your Mom’s from Albuquerque. I haven’t seen you since you were a little girl. I must say, you strum magnificantly! And you are beautiful, just like you mother. Good luck to you sweetie!

9 08 2011

Nice sound – nice bass – great technique but… ALL base players are sexy, regardless of age or gender. Right? 🙂

23 09 2011
Sponge von Yrjönen

Hell yeah we are.

9 08 2011

Sorry – that’s bass-players, of course.

25 09 2011
Steve Green

I am totally stunned that you do not have Mark King from Level 42 among your top bass players list.


22 10 2012
Molly McCowan


I’m stunned as well. He has been added, in all his glory. Thank you for the comment!

29 09 2012

I am 57 and just starting to learn bass guitar. My son is a student at Colorado State and is living in Fort Collins. When I found out you were there (after seeing Slap Funk II and sharing it with everyone I know!), I couldn’t believe it. If a 20-something young man in total awe of your playing shows up and says his mother told him he must bring you down to Texas, just know he’s a good boy.

Thanks for your incredible music and this helpful site.
Mary Paloma
Terlingua, TX

22 10 2012
Molly McCowan

Hi Mary,

Thank you! I hope my videos have inspired you. I’m out and about a lot in Fort Collins so I just might run into your son someday. Keep practicing; I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic bassist!

29 09 2012
Eric R.D. Hamm

My mom is trying to learn bass and she posted a video of you. She told me to bring you back to Texas when she found out you live in Fort Collins too =P Good Stuff! Keep it up!

24 03 2013
Miss Montreal

If ever you decide to move to the best place on earth – Canada – please settle in the best city: Montreal… a mecca for female musicians.

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