I play with a few projects in the Fort Collins area, and I’m always looking for more. The first is an old-school funk band that plays house parties and small venues called The Speech Impediments.

The other band is more difficult to define. We’re mainly an alternative/80’s/funk/rock n’ roll band that plays a wide range of styles, including reggae, funk, metal, and even some Tom Jones. We cover a lot of songs (from Rick James and The Temptations to Primus and AC/DC) and also perform many original pieces. You can find us living it up onstage at biker bars, truck stops, coffee shops, soccer games, and any other beyond-the-norm places around Northern Colorado. We are known as The One-Shot Johnnys.

My playing style of choice is funk, or slap-style, as you will see, so if this is the direction you’re interested in as well then I will have plenty of advice and tricks for you. I also play a lot of “tapping” songs, so once we’re past the basic entry level stuff I’ll delve into this, as it’s quite useful (and a hell of a lot of fun) in hard rock and heavy metal genres.

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