How to Play a Blues Scale

23 04 2010

This is a great (and easy-to-follow) video showing you a simple blues scale. The instructor uses numbers to keep track of which fingers to use, and then goes through it again by calling out the actual fret numbers.

He also shows you a few ways to improvise while still maintaining the ability to pull things back to the “root” note (the main note of a scale: for example, an A scale’s root note is –you guessed it– A.).

Let me know if this video is helpful to you, I’m learning by example about how to teach this kind of stuff   🙂




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29 04 2010
Joe B.

The wonders of YouTube: because I am too stupid to recognize the language about the music this man is using, I can just mimic his physical movements!

Really, though, while I have an appreciation as a music listener, I’m awful in practice. I bought an acoustic guitar on an overzealous and depression-filled whim, hoping to become some sort of jazz or blues artist within a year.

I went a single month practicing, then I heard about how supposedly the bass is easier to play. For some reason, that was incredibly disheartening to my practice.

Blah! I still have the dream — just need to stop being such a dweeb and start practicing. :p

29 04 2010

Scales are by far the most annoying part about learning a string instrument. I could probably still play all the major and minor scales on a marimba or any other keyboard instrument, but strings are way harder. I remember sitting around for hours with my dad’s guitar trying to teach myself scales until my fingers hurt. To this day I probably know only one or two scales for strings. Good video post though, I should have tried to learn like that instead!

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